Why is it hard to prick beer-belly balloons

A beer belly is no longer a common sight. The increased consumption of beer has resulted in such a society in which every second person you meet out in the street has a beer belly. Men are the less fortunate lot as their usual dress style exposes their bellies more than those of women.

All of us probably might be familiar with their usual confession that though they somehow try hard and get rid of their beer bellies, it reappears soon. The sad fact is that compared to their easy occurrence, beer bellies are harder to be vanished. They simply refuse to disappear even if you stop drinking beer.

A big stomach acts as a fore bringer of many health problems. People who are fat around the middle should see to it that they get adequate sleep. Abdominal fat is usually associated with people who have high blood pressure and sugar. It is natural that people with ‘central’ fat are more prone to health hazards such as stroke and dementia.

You might have noted that people who snore hard during sleep are generally those with balloon bellies. Increased abdominal fat interferes with breathing pattern as the respiratory tract gets narrowed. Snoring actually obstructs the regularity of sleep not only of the snoring person but also that of all those who share the bedroom with him.

Abdominal fat also brings down the body’s ability to burn up calories and thereby excess fat simply get stored. As a result of this, bulky people feel that their fat is not being reduced even after following a strict diet regimen.  Male body stores its excess fat in his abdomen where as female body accumulates it in her hip region. Beer plays a prominent role in such kind of excessive fat dumping and is sure to make your centre part protrude out. It is always wise to keep yourself from putting on abdominal mass; as losing it is indeed harder.

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