Why should curd be included in diet

Curd, also known as yogurt, is a great therapeutic food. Like all other dairy products, curd is rich in carbohydrates. It is also abundantly rich in nutritional value and contains many health benefits.
Curd finds place in the diet prescribed for people suffering from ailment such as jaundice. Studies indicate that curd is helpful in minimizing the risk of increased blood pressure.

Curd is also an excellent source of calcium. It helps in the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. The bacteria present in curd favors digestion. As proper digestion takes place, there is absolutely no scope for abdominal infection and other irregularities.

Patients suffering from insomnia also treasure curd. Doctors suggest them to massage curd on their scalp well in order to induce deep sleep at night. Children who refuse to take rice and such other whole cereals should be provided curd. Adults suffering from lactose intolerance are often advised to make curd an indispensable part of their daily diet.

The daily intake of curd in right amount is found to be effective in preventing premature ageing. Due to its high level of calcium, old people suffering from osteoporosis take curd daily. Curd is also found to provide relief to patients suffering from increased cholesterol level.

Women with vaginal infections are also advised by doctors to increase their intake of curd. Curd also has the potential to serve beneficial to patients suffering from constipation and colon cancer.

Curd is also known for its cosmetic uses. The bacteria present in curd are found to be effective in making the skin supple and soft. It is advisable to apply curd all over the face, in order to avoid skin damage caused by spending hours under the hot sun.

Curd is also an effective hair conditioner and is also found to be a good dandruff-fighting agent. It is also used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and such other skin disorders.

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