Why should soymilk be included in diet

Soymilk has been widely considered as a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk. People who suffer from lactose intolerance mainly use it. But, nowadays, more and more people are getting used to drinking soymilk because of its immense health benefits.

It is an undisputed fact that soymilk is abundantly rich in many healthy elements. Since it is being extracted from beans, soymilk is high in its protein content. Compared to cow’s milk, soymilk contains more fibrous elements as well.

Now, you are possibly left to wonder how is soymilk made from beans? Beans are cleaned and kept for soaking overnight. The resultant product is then strained and the liquid is boiled for about ten minutes. Soymilk is ready to be used. However, there is absolutely no need for all the strain, as readymade soymilk is obtained from almost all the food stores these days.

Apart from the nutritious presence of protein and fiber, soymilk is also rich in isoflavones. Isoflavones are chemicals that are similar to the hormone estrogen. Isoflavones are found to be extremely health-beneficial and help in preventing ailments such as cancer. Soymilk is also found to boost coronary health. It also finds place in the diet prescribed for patients suffering from osteoporosis.

However, soymilk is not absolutely fat-free. In reality, it contains a bit more than the fat present in cow’s milk. But, there is nothing to worry as soymilk is deprived of the nasty cholesterol. The biggest drawback of soymilk is that it is devoid of rich calcium. It contains only one quarter of the calcium content present in cow’s milk.

However, soymilk with fortified calcium is now being made available. However, including calcium sources such as almonds, green leafy vegetables etc will see to it that your body does not fall short of its calcium reserves. If you are intolerant only to cow’s milk, it is advisable to substitute milk with soymilk and include more yogurt, cheese and other dairy products in your diet.

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